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  • Darmstadt, Germany

  •  Darmstadt, Germany

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Darmstadt is the headquarters for the US Army Garrison, Darmstadt (USAG), which includes the communities of Darmstadt, Babenhausen, Griesheim, Langen and Aschaffenburg. The USAG Darmstadt falls under the umbrella of the USAG Heidelberg, approx. 30 miles south of Darmstadt.

The bases or 'kasernes' in Darmstadt are located in the southwest portion of the city. There are three: Cambrai Fritsch kaserne (CFK) headquarters for the USAG Darmstadt; Kelley Barracks (KB); and Nathan Hale Depot (NHD). Outlying kasernes east of Darmstadt are: Babenhausen (BAB approx. 30 miles), and Aschaffenburg (ABG approx. 50 miles) both sharing the name of the German town they are located in. Aschaffenburg no longer maintains a military mission, however, the community continues to be used to provide housing and limited logistical support to military families. Griesheim (GRI), just west of the Darmstadt city limits is the home of the military newspaper, European Stars & Stripes. The Darmstadt/Babenhausen area is located in the south central area of Germany in the southern portion of the state of Hessen.

Frankfurt is approx. 20 miles to the north and Heidelberg approx. 30 miles to the south. All our units fall under the major command of USAREUR, United States Army Europe. There are two brigade headquarters in Darmstadt, the 22d Signal Brigade and the 66th Military Intelligence Group, housed on either Cambrai Fritsch or Kelley kasernes. The USAG Darmstadt maintains a population of approx. 9,183 - 3550 soldiers, 4042 family members, 268 retirees, and 774 civilian employees.


The history of Darmstadt kasernes dates back to the early 1900's. Cambrai Fritsch was built in 1936 and was originally two kasernes. Both Kelley Barracks and Ernst Ludwig kaserne were constructed in 1934 as cavalry barracks. In 1945 the US Army took possession of Nathan Hale Depot, which was built in 1936 as a food supply depot and bakery. The Griesheim Airfield area was used as far back as 1850 to train Hessen troops. The construction of Babenhausen kaserne began in 1900. On 1 October 1991, the former USMCA Darmstadt became the 233d Base Support Battalion (233d BSB) under the auspices of the 103d Area Support Group (ASG) headquartered in Frankfurt. On 1 October 1993, the 103d ASG deactivated and the 233d BSB was placed under the 104th ASG in Hanau until 30 September 1998, when it became part of the 26th ASG headquartered in Heidelberg. On October 1st of 2005, the 233d BSB began another phase by becoming the US Army Garrison, Darmstadt. For more information on this subject check out the USAG Darmstadt web site listed in Contact/Links.

EFMP SCREENING: Everyone on orders to Europe must complete an Exceptional Family Member Program screening before dependent travel will be authorized. For more information regarding the EFMP screening contact the medical facility or the EFMP Coordinator at your local Army Community Service (ACS) or Family Support Center (FSC). Also see the information in this SITES file under HEALTH & WELLNESS and Special Needs/EFM Issues.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS TO HAND CARRY: Orders, Immunization records and medical/dental history, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Decree, Passports, Social Security cards, wills, power of attorney, school records, car title and shipping papers, car registration, car insurance policy, driver's license, household goods shipping inventory, employment records and references, pet records, credit card(s), the most recent EFM documentation (if applicable), and a copy of your last Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).

ACS has a Lending Closet available to relocating personnel. Unfortunately, there IS NO AGENCY THAT HAS LINENS for temporary use. You should consider hand carrying, mailing, or shipping these items prior to arrival. Of course, you can always buy new once you arrive.

PASSPORT INFORMATION: The State Department requires both parents consent to obtain passports for overseas travel of children under the age of 14. Both parents must now sign the passport application forms, unless one parent is unavailable because of geographic separation, divorce, or other circumstances. In this case, the parent applying for a child's passport needs a signed, notarized letter or statement from the absent parent that provides permission to take the child(ren) overseas. For more information on this subject, please see the US State Department website or your local Personnel Service Battalion.

MAILING: Your sponsor can open a mailbox on your behalf with a copy of your orders. You do not need to be present.

VOLTAGE: Germany uses a different voltage current than the United States. See Housing-Local Community-Utilities for more information.

PETS: The German states have passed laws restricting the breeding, trading and obtaining of dog breeds that are classified as "fighting dogs". More information is provided under Household Goods - Pets, and in the veterinary section under Health and Wellness regarding the movement of pets into Germany. Also, look in the Contacts/Links for current information regarding specific breeds.

GERMAN CURRENCY is the Euro. Euros are required for all purchases off the American Kasernes. Since exchange rates vary each day, we recommend you use any of the currency converters available on the web, or call your local bank/credit union. Be prepared to have Euro on hand or withdraw from an ATM once you reach Germany. ATMs on post will allow you to withdraw either dollars or Euro.

VALUE-ADDED TAX (VAT): The price of goods on the German economy includes a 16 percent tax (Mehrwertsteuer). Look under Local Community - Shopping for more information.

CUSTOMS: Be advised, there are limitations on the amount of tobacco you may bring in country. The current limitations are 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of smokeless tobacco (approximately 8.8 oz. Any amounts in excess of these limits WILL BE CONFISCATED by the Customs MP's at Rhein Main.

FIREARMS: It is very likely that if you bring a firearm into the country - even if it is inoperable - it will be confiscated and destroyed. Please see the information under Personally Owned Firearms.

TEMPORARY LODGING: The PATRIOT INN is the temporary lodging facility on CFK. See Housing - Installation - Temporary Lodging for more information.

Army Community Service Officer Unit 29500, Box 0037
Bldg 4008, Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne
APO, AE 09175
Phone: (From US) 011-49-6151-697411
Phone: (From Germany) 06151-696440
Fax: (From US) 011-49-6151-6881
DSN: 348-7411
DSN Fax: 348-6881
URL: http://www.darmstadt.army.mil/sites/services/ACS.asp

Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne Cooperstrasse
Mailing Address UNIT 29500, Box 0037
APO, AE 09175
Phone: (From US) 011-49-6151-69-7411
Phone: (From Germany) 06151-69-6440
Fax: 49-6151-69-6881
DSN: 312-348-7411
DSN Fax: 312-348-6881

Package Delivery Address Ludwigshoehestr., Gebaude 4008
Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne
Darmstadt, 64285

Relocation Assistance Program Manager Unit 29500, Box 0037
Bldg 4008, Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne
APO, AE 09175
Phone: 011-49-6151-697111
Phone: 06151-696440
Fax: 06151-696881
DSN: 348-7111
DSN Fax: 348-6881
Email: 233BSB_ACS@cmtymail.26asg.army.mil
The RAPM is available to assist all relocation needs.
Relocation Assistant Unit 29500, Box 0037
Bldg 4008, Room 15
APO, AE 09175
Phone: 011-49-6151-697411
Phone: 06151-69-6440
Fax: 011-49-6151-696881
DSN: 348-7411
DSN Fax: 348-6881
Your first stop for local information and signing up for Discover Darmstadt or Hello Babenhausen orientation and tours.
USAG DARMSTADT Official Homepage Unit 29500, Box 001
APO, AE 09175
URL: http://www.darmstadt.army.mil/sites/local/

Official Installation Link

Base Operator
DSN 312-348-7411

Major Units
U.S. Army Garrison Darmstadt

DSN 312-348-7520/1700

Mailing Address
UNIT 29500, Box 0037

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